Investing for the Health of the Planet


Taking care of children has been part of Dr. John Edmonds’ every day for the past 40 years. As an anaesthetist and intensivist in the Intensive Care Unit at The Hospital for Sick Children, Dr. Edmonds has dedicated his career to tackling some of the toughest children’s health issues of his time.

Alongside his wife Sandy, who also worked at Sick Kids for a number of years as a pediatric nurse, John focused on solving critical health issues that impact future generations. Now retired, he is setting his sights on a different challenge facing future generations: climate change.

Dr. Edmonds and his wife of 36 years, Sandy Edmonds

“There are a number of factors that determine how well a sick child will cope or how they will recover from an accident or illness, and the environment – clean air, clean drinking water and a stable climate – can make an incredible difference in a child’s overall quality of life.”

A grandfather to five children with whom he spends summers outdoors at the family cottage, Dr. Edmonds is concerned about the impact that the changing climate will have on his family’s future.

Dr. Edmonds getting soaked by two of his five grandchildren

“My wife Sandy and I do what we can to set our kids and grandkids up for success, but when it comes to the environment, we feel a little powerless,” Dr. Edmonds explained. “An investment in clean energy is something tangible that we can do.”

Edmonds manages the family’s investments with help from an advisor at BMO Nesbitt Burns but found out about CoPower’s 6-year, 5% Green Bonds after his daughter learned about their clean energy projects during a webinar she saw online. A conservative investor seeking portfolio diversification, Edmonds was intrigued by the stable fixed return of a Green Bond and the opportunity to invest in energy efficiency, a strategy he hopes will appeal to many.

“What I love about being a Green Bond investor is that I know where my money is going and I can feel good about that. I get quarterly reports that let me know the impact my money is having and it feels like something real and something tangible that we can do to support a healthy environment for our kids and grandkids.”

“For my entire career, I’ve been focused on improving the health of children. Now that I’m retired and see the challenges my own grandchildren will face with a changing climate, I hope my investments can help improve the health of the planet.”

Dr. Edmonds is just one of more than 500 CoPower Green Bond investors across Canada, each with their own story, values and reasons for investing in Canadian clean energy projects.

To learn more about investing in CoPower’s 6-year, 5% Green Bonds visit and join a growing movement of Canadians making a profit while making a difference.

Editor’s note: Dr. Edmonds invested in CoPower’s third issuance of Green Bonds (Green Bond III) which is now available.
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