“Sharpie Diplomacy” — Imagining More Snarky Exchanges Between Trudeau and Trump

Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump shaking hands.

The relationship between Trudeau and Trump have been marked by acrimonious — and sometimes sarcastic — exchanges. and (Photo: Olivier Douliery/ABACApress.com/The Canadian Press)

In what’s being dubbed as “Sharpie Diplomacy,” it was revealed yesterday that the leaders of Canada and the U.S. have been sending each other clippings of stories along with snarky notes written in marker.

According to Axios, President Trump started the exchange by tearing off the cover of May 2017 Bloomberg Businessweek with a banner headline asking “Is Trudeau the Anti-Trump?” Trump wrote in silver Sharpie “Looking Good! Hope it’s not true!” and had it mailed to Trudeau.

The Canadian ambassador who received the mail assumed it was a prank but was subsequently informed that, no, this was an actual missive from Trump.

Trump followed this up by sending Trudeau a document showing trade figures between the two nations, and again broke out the Sharpie to write “Not Good.” Trudeau responded to this by sending Trump a document (issued by the U.S. government, no less) that disputed the President’s trade figures. The Prime Minister circled the relevant numbers, and put a smiley face on it. (No surprise there).

All in good fun, according to officials on both sides, and some much needed levity to break up the sometimes acrimonious political barbs trade negotiations that have raised temperatures on both sides of the border.

But what if Trump and Trudeau decided to continue on with this Sharpie Diplomacy. Perhaps their future correspondence might look something like this.

1. Trump sends copy of Washington Examiner article headlined: “White House official called Trudeau ‘that little punk kid running Canada'”
Sharpie message: “The Enemy of the People gets it right for once!”

Trudeau responds with the cover of himself on Rolling Stone with the headline: “Why can’t he be our President?”
Sharpie Message: “Good question!”

2. Trump rips out Chatelaine profile of Trudeau gushing about “his youthful energy, his awesome hair.“
Sharpie Message: “Bah! Pretty boy!”

Trudeau replies, sending Time magazine’s famous “Stormy” cover:
Sharpie Message: “Bad hair year?”

3. An incensed Trump tries to attack Trudeau’s credibility, sending him the Atlantic article headlined: “Justin Trudeau’s Feminist Brand Is Imploding”
Sharpie Message: “Shocking!”

Trudeau fires back with The Week’s: “61 Things Donald Trump Said about Women”
Sharpie Message: “And still counting!”

4. Trump sends clipping of Guardian article: “Stop swooning over Justin Trudeau. The man is a disaster for the planet”
Sharpie Message: “Trouble with the tree-huggers?”

Trudeau responds with Scientific American article: “In Environment Speech, Trump Fails to Mention Climate Change”
Sharpie Message: “Did you also fail to mention the earth is round?”

5. Trump fires back with New York Times article headlined: “Trudeau Promised a Fresh Approach to Politics. Now He’s Embroiled in Scandal”
Sharpie Message: “Sunny Ways?”

Trudeau mails Washington Post’s piece onThe Trump presidency: On track to becoming the most corrupt in U.S. history?”
Sharpie Message: “Make America Great Again?”

6. Trump sends Time’sPerson of the Year” with him on the cover.
Sharpie Message: “At least I got one of these!”

Trudeau responds with a printout of the Zoomer Primary:
Sharpie Message: “But I made it on Mount Rushmore!”

7. Trump closes the correspondence by mocking Trudeau with a Toronto Sun article: “Scheer’s Tories hold onto lead over Trudeau’s Liberals in latest election poll”
Sharpie Message: “Hah! Good luck in October!”

Trudeau closes his end by sending the President a Donald Trump Out of Office Countdown calendar.
Sharpie Message: “Thinking of you. Every day! 😀