Medicine: Airplane Socks, HRT for Men, Pills and Juice

If a 13-hour flight leaves you with sore legs and swollen feet, heed this for future hauls. 

Says Silvia Ricci, VP of marketing for Secret: “TherapyPlus compression products help reduce swelling and symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, a condition that can cause blood clots and is often associated with sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time.” 
With bacteria-fighting protection to boot, they look just like fashionable hosiery or socks, so you’ll already be dressed for your first meeting of the day. Ladies’ Travel Knee Length and Men’s Travel Over the Calf, in medium or firm support, $7-$10, TherapyPlus.
— Jessica Green

A recent study presented at the U.S.-based Endocrine Society found that prostate cancer — the second leading cause of cancer deaths among men — is a concern for older men undergoing testosterone therapy. “Testosterone treatment stimulates the growth of an existing prostate cancer, but there is no evidence that it causes this type of cancer,” said lead author Dr. Aksam Yassin of the Clinic for Urology and Andrology of the Segeberger Clinics in Norderstedt, Germany. It was found that, regardless, the risk of both prostate cancer and testosterone deficiency increases with age. Therefore, he adds, it is possible that during testosterone replacement therapy, an older man may develop prostate cancer that is unrelated to the treatment.

— Kristen Laborde

Researchers recently found that subjects who took an antihistamine with grapefruit juice absorbed only half the drug, compared to those who took the pill with water. “Common juices like grapefruit, apple and orange juice can substantially impede the absorption of drugs into the body,” says David Bailey, professor of medicine, physiology and pharmacology at the University of Western Ontario in London. And he should know. Nearly 20 years ago, it was Bailey who discovered that grapefruit juice can boost the effects of some other drugs and actually cause toxic overdoses. So, when it’s time to pop that pill, good old H20 is the only way to go.

— Charmaine Gooden