Quick Tricks for Eating Well

Quick Tricks for Getting Enough Protein, Veggies and Healthy Fats

Here are a few simple ideas to liven up your meals and on-the-go snacks with a healthy portion of protein, veggies and fats:
-Unsweetened, organic soy milk – the So Nice brand is pleasant tasting and has the right balance of protein and carbs. The unsweetened version has 3 grams of carbohydrate and 6 grams of protein, while the original has 6 grams each of protein and carbs.
-Plain, organic, low-fat yogurt – pick one containing the live, active bacterial cultures acidophilus and bifidus, as well as a balanced ratio of protein and carbs.

-A piece of low fat cheese

– A handful of nuts: almonds, cashews, brazil nuts or walnuts

– Hummus – have it with veggie sticks or three bean salad
egg.jpg-A boiled egg (1 or 2)
-A protein bar – choose one with a 1:1 ratio of protein to carbs. Make sure it’s free of aspartame and hydrogenated oils and low in saturated fats (less than 5% of the calories should be from saturated fat). The Simply Bar is one of my favorites.

– A serving of seeds – sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds
-Olive paste or olive oil based pesto – these can be used instead of mayo to add flavor and increase healthy fats in a sandwich.
-Dr. Jan’s secret for getting your veggies – add frozen spinach (or any mashed or pureed vegetables) to your smoothies, pasta sauces and burgers to increase your veggie intake – just like you would for your kids!

by Natasha Turner, author of The Hormone Diet

Natasha Turner, N. D.
is a leading naturopathic doctor and an authority on hormonal and digestive concerns. She is the founder of Clear Medicine, a Canadian-based wellness boutique that provides integrated health care. Visit her website: www.thehormonediet.com.