Gordie Howe Hears Again


And says all Canadians should address hearing health

HAWKESBURY, ON – Hockey legend Gordie Howe, a member of the Order of Canada, has taken on the health issue of hearing care,  and urges all Canadians to take steps to guard their sense of hearing. 

“Too many Canadians suffer like I did, not realizing the consequences on their health, family, and friends,” says Howe. “Hearing care needs to be placed on par with vision as a primary medical concern, considering the detrimental effects it can have on your health and family.”

Howe’s audiologist explained that he has a high frequency hearing loss, a common type of hearing impairment among seniors that develops gradually over several years. This type of loss impedes the ability to understand speech, particularly in noisy environments. The subtle onset of this type of hearing loss makes it even more difficult to realize and accept.

After reviewing the results of his hearing assessment, Mr. Howe’s audiologist prescribed and fitted him with two open fit hearing aids. “These hearing devices are unlike those that were dispensed a generation ago,” says Jeff Geigel of Lifestyle Hearing. Howe’s hearing aids are miniature behind the ear devices which deliver sound through a virtually invisible thin tube that fits over the ear and into the canal. “Hearing aids have evolved, and shouldn’t be associated with the cumbersome and unappealing-looking devices of the past.”

Hearing tests and a new generation of hearing aids can be found at Lifestyle Hearing outlets,  www.lifestylehearing.ca