This Year, Think Green When You Clean

(NC)—As temperatures start to soar and rain showers turn into sunny skies, many Canadians are eagerly welcoming signs of summer. For most families, this change in season is a time to enjoy ice cream, splash in the pool and spend endless hours playing outdoors. Unfortunately, this summer fun can also leave the house in shambles – with spills, stains and muddy footprints covering every surface.

When cleaning your home this summer, consider reducing your environmental footprint at the same time. Make green cleaning a family affair in your home with these simple steps:

Conserve every last drop. Don’t leave the water running while cleaning the bathroom. Instead, fill a bucket or sink with water and a dilutable cleaner.

Clear out the closet. Get rid of clutter in your closet by purging items you no longer wear. Instead, of tossing old clothes to the curb, host a garage sale or donate items to a local clothing drive.

Choose natural cleaners. For a true clean, look for natural cleaners such as those in the Green Works line. Made with plant-based, biodegradable cleaning ingredients, products in the Green Works line remove dirt and grime without leaving behind harsh chemical fumes and residues. More information on these products can be found online at

Switch from paper to cloth. Dust the house from top to bottom with a reusable rag or micofibre cloth. Not only will they pick up more dust and dirt than paper towels, they’re eco-friendly.

Let the sun shine in. Skip the air fresheners and open up the windows instead. Opening the windows is the most effective way to get dirty air moving out and fresh air moving in.