Flu Fighter’s First Aid Kit

Sometimes, the sleeve sneeze just isn’t enough. If you’re flying anywhere during flu season, you know you’ll be breathing the same trapped air as dozens of other passengers. But there are easy ways to boost your immune system and prevent the flu. Homeopathic doctor and alternative health expert Bryce Wylde shares his must-haves for a flu-fighting travel kit.

> Petroleum jelly and cotton swabs Dried-out nasal passages make it easier for the “fly” virus to stick, so before boarding, moisten the inside of your nose with petroleum jelly or a lubricating nasal spray or gel to keep these tissues moist.
> Flu Shield Not all echinacea is created equal. Some formulas can actually suppress your immune system. Jamieson Vitamins’ new formula contains the active ingredient LPx3 from Echinacea angustifolia, chosen for its high concentration of the polysaccharides that turn on the body’s disease-fighting cells.
> Nuts or seeds A good source of vegetable protein to help build immune compounds, they contain zinc, which stimulates the thymus
and production of white blood cells.
> Non-alcohol, non-chemical based hand sanitizer A hand sanitizer such as CleanWell kills 99.99 per cent of germs without causing resistant strains.

—Athena McKenzie-Parkin