Don’t Let Winter Weather Bring You Down

Back specialists share tips to help ward off common seasonal injuries

(NC)—The first flurries of the season should conjure images of a winter wonderland, but snow is often an unwelcome sight for the many Ontarians tasked with shoveling the driveway. There is good news, though: With the right techniques and tips, clearing the snow doesn’t have to hurt. That’s why Ontario’s back specialists are speaking out to help people avoid unnecessary injury this winter.

Lift Light, Shovel Right is a public education program created by the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) to give people the information they need to prevent aches and pains commonly associated with snow shovelling.

“After a heavy snow fall, chiropractors routinely see patients who are suffering from muscle strains, shoulder and low-back pain, and joint problems,” says OCA President Dr. David Brunarski. “Pain can keep people from staying active and enjoying the season, which is a shame because most injuries related to snow shovelling are easy to avoid. We want to help people avoid them.”

The program, which includes an informative brochure and poster, was developed in 2003, after a Pollara survey of 500 Ontario chiropractors concluded that snow shoveling was a leading cause of back injury during the winter months. Lift Light, Shovel Right is available on the OCA website, at

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