Supplements Allow Mice to Defy Aging; Are Humans Next?

It worked for mice and crickets, and you may just be next. Scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton believe they may be on the right track to finding a remedy to perhaps the most inevitable reality of existence: aging. 

Employing a supplement mix of vitamins, garlic and ginseng on pieces of bagel, a research team led by Professor David Rollo found that mice that ate the blend enjoyed the mental and physical capacities of their much younger counterparts. The mice that did not eat the mix experienced no such luck.

“If you put them on a supplement, they actually learn better as they age,” Rollo told CBC. “They still don’t live much longer but their brain function is remarkable.”

Of course, while the supplement mix offers a glimmer of hope for the prospect of a healthier, slower aging process in humans, Rollo urges people not to attempt to purchase and concoct their own sample of his formula, as it hasn’t been tested safely in humans yet. Still, though researchers haven’t come to a decisive conclusion as to how the supplements are working, a sign that hope for humans in on the horizon comes from other tests Rollo’s lab conducted using their unique mix. In cases involving crickets, the lifespan of the creatures that ate the mix doubled.

-Mike Crisolago