ASK COLETTE: How to Love Your Body

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Here, Colette talks about how to learn to love your body as it is – and be grateful to it.

Dear Colette,

I follow you on Facebook and I get daily inspiration from your updates and blogs. Thank you. There is one thing I just can’t seem to get into my head – you remind me how important it is to love my body, but honestly, really? When I look at myself, clothed or naked, all I see is what needs improvement.  I passed over the 40s barrier recently and I struggle with what my body looks like now.  How can I love my cellulite, my tummy roll and my back fat?  I’m pretty sure most of those areas will never completely go away so how do I get past that and learn to love my body?  

—Fell Out of Self-Love

Dear Fell Out of Self-Love,

Thank you so much for being part of our Facebook community. I’m glad to hear it helps you.

Now, let me start by asking you, when you look at your close friends and family, clothed or naked, do you only see what needs improvement?  Probably not.

So why all of this self-loathing and condemnation?  How will you ever measure up to your own expectations?

Here’s a better question. What is great about your body?  Are your legs strong; do they keep you going throughout the day?  Do your arms support you to do the things you enjoy such as gardening, baking and hugging your loved ones?  Is your skin soft (other than in extreme winter conditions)?  Do your eyes smile when you are happy?  Chances are there is a lot to appreciate about your body, but you are concentrating on what you consider flaws.

Now here’s some tough love for you.  The battle against your beautiful, healthy body ends here.

Even if your body isn’t everything you want it to be, even if your health isn’t perfect, your body is well enough to serve you in many ways. Love your body as it is right now and be grateful to it.

Affirm I am strong and healthy. I am only attracted to food that’s good for me, that nourishes my wonderful body. Everything that I am resonates health and well-being.

Try doing this while you walk because it will help you to be aware of your body’s strength as you put one sturdy foot in front of another.

Even if you have health problems that frustrate you because they cause you pain or fatigue, or limit you in some way, you have to learn to love your body as it is in any moment. Self-compassion means embracing your physique now, not as it once was, not as you hope it will be someday.

When you catch yourself saying cruel things to yourself about your shape, your face or your body, stop, take a deep breath and say some affirmations about how strong, wonderful, loving and beautiful your body is.

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Love and blessings,
Colette Baron-Reid
Intuitive Counselor

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