Baby Boomer Sex Myths

By Charlotte Bumstead

Research has demonstrated how when it comes to aging, attitude can make all the difference.

It’s possible certain stereotypes associated with growing older—such as the fragility, the absent-mindedness and the nonexistent sex-life—are only present if you allow them to be.

According to a 2002 study led by a Yale University psychology professor, men and women aged 50plus who held more positive perceptions of aging lived 7.6 years longer than those with negative concerns. So why not carry the encouraging vibes along with you into the bedroom? We already know Zoomers are breaking the mold when it comes to sex at midlife. But just to settle any disbelief, here’s a list of the most common—and most mistaken—sex myths associated with baby boomers.

With Age Comes a Loss of Desire for Sex
Though it is true hormonal changes can have an effect on the libidos of older couples, this shouldn’t prevent men and women from enjoying sex at any age. Becoming aroused in your 50s may take a little more effort than it did in your 20s, but there are plenty of ways to increase your sexual stimulation; such as regular exercise and upholding a healthy diet.

Sex Loses Its Value in a Relationship over Time
Some believe when a couple reaches a certain point of commitment—after decades spent together—sex is no longer necessary in maintaining the relationship. Though it is true strong relationships are built upon the resilient bonds of trust, friendship and love, sex remains a vital piece of the puzzle. A lack of sex in marriage could mean losing that special spark of sensuality.

She Loses Her Ability to Achieve an Orgasm
Says who? Statistics show the ages of 65 to 75 to be a “golden age” for many women, as sex becomes more emotionally and physically satisfying than ever before. By now, you know what you like and dislike. Don’t be afraid to tell the driver where to turn.

He Loses His Ability to Achieve an Erection
Despite the influence diminishing hormone levels can have on the chance of erectile dysfunction, older men remain entirely capable of having healthy, fulfilling sex lives. Aside from medical options like Viagra and Cialis, men can intensify their point of arousal through exercise, masturbation and increased foreplay with a partner.

The Solution to Problems in the Bedroom is an Empty Nest
Often couples tend to use the kids as an excuse for lack of romance. But when it’s finally down to just the two of you, the added pressure can bring an even greater communication block. If you’re sensing some disconnect, confront the issues at hand rather than sweeping them under the bed.

A Midlife Crisis Means a Broken Marriage
Feelings of boredom and wanderlust in middle age don’t have to lead to infidelity and divorce. Instead, take advantage of this time as an opportunity to explore one another in new ways (sexually, of course). Now is your chance to integrate fantasies, toys and roleplaying scenarios in the bedroom (or even the kitchen) to heat things up.