ASK COLETTE: How to Set A Course In Your Life

Here, Baby Boomer Intuitive Coach Colette Baron-Reid on practical and spiritual ways to set a new course and bring about positive change in your life.

Dear Colette,

As I set my intentions for my life (career, relationships, money, etc.) I get confused as to how to balance the spiritual “act as if” and “don’t be attached to the result” concepts with the logical side of me that says, “figure out your desired outcome, then work backwards and establish action steps to get there.”

These two approaches seem to be in conflict with one another. How do I combine them (if that’s possible) and make choices and gain momentum when I can’t be attached to the result?

 – Practically Confused


Dear Practically Confused,

Great question! The answer isn’t simply a matter of one or the other, but a delicate dance. As with learning any dance, it’s easier to begin by letting your body feel the music than it is to memorize steps and sequences.

So let’s dance! Let’s start with the feelings.

Imagine you are in desperate need for your life to change.  (Don’t be alarmed, this CAN and will be a temporary state.)  You’re stressed about your circumstances. You wake up each morning and go to bed each night with this need for things to change. You are in a constant state of unhappiness because of what you feel you’re lacking and how far apart your present circumstances seem to be from your wants.

Right now, in those moments of lacking, your energy is closed off from creating. Your “world” as you see it isn’t enough and the outer world will reflect back exactly what you feel and believe. Think of it this way, the DJ sees you counting out your steps and forcing your movement, all the while looking miserable on the dance floor, so he gives you what you asked for, a basic two-step when you’d rather be living in Cha-Cha mode.

Now let’s change the music, by changing your channel!

Practice experiencing the sense of having it all.  Allow your body and your mind to feel what it’s like to be living the life you want. Without focusing on acquiring things, what would your life be like? Who would be in it, and who would be out?  What would your relationships look like?  What would your work day feel like?  How would you feel when you first woke up in the morning? Ahhhhh…..

What would you think about when you went to bed each night? Mmmmm….

Feels good, right? The rhythm is soothing and you are flowing effortlessly along.

The desperate feelings of wanting and desiring are gone. They’re replaced with a sense of calm and patience. In this state, you’re better prepared to take positive action rather than rash responses. You can set your course based on maintaining open energy and positive intentions, but without being attached to the outcome. Take the steps, but release the outcome.

In this positive space, you remain receptive, allowing and open to intuitive hits to take action.

If the forward steps you take show you a different path, that’s okay too. Don’t be attached to the “how” so much as to the calmness that comes from living as if.

NOW, what is the Universe likely to reflect back to you?

When you feel yourself leaning towards the action-outcome-only part of your thinking, allow yourself to go back into this state of acting as if, rather than desperate-for-success.  You will be amazed at how much easier it is to release your attachment to the outcome when you practice the feeling of having it all – now.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing about how enjoyable your dance becomes.


The InVision Project
Founder, CEO

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