Book of the Week: The Start Here Diet by Tosca Reno

Looking for a little help with your New Year’s Resolutions? Canadian nutritionist, weight-loss specialist and fitness expert Tosca Reno, author of the Eat-Clean Diet series, is your secret weapon. She knows from first-hand experience how hard it can be to achieve a healthy weight — she lost 75 pounds and transformed her body after the age of 40 and went on to become a fitness model. After years of struggling with her own weight, Reno found that by making slight adjustments in her daily life she could bring about some big changes.  In The Start Here Diet, Reno shares her three simple-step process, which include diving inward (identifying emotional triggers, keeping a journal) uncovering your risk foods,  and moving a little, as well as providing meal plans, recipes, and basic movements to tone and strengthen. In showing readers how to be more introspective with respect to their weight and body image, Reno gives a useful platform to kick start a new way of life.