ASK COLETTE: “My Beloved Pet is Back! Reincarnated or Reunited in Spirit?”

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Is it possible that dearly departed pets could come back to us through reincarnation? Here Boomer intuitive coach Colette Baron-Reid talks about the special bond between humans and their animal companions.


Dear Colette,

My dog, Sammy died four months ago and I am still devastated because I had to make the decision to put him to sleep before he grew old. He was my animal soul mate, my companion, by source of unconditional comfort and calm on a level that no human can provide.

I didn’t think I was ready for another dog and I could not imagine replacing Sammy—it would be impossible. I don’t know what prompted me to go to the animal shelter, except for my desire to be around the energy of animals—my home felt vacant, not just empty.  That’s where I saw one skinny, matted-haired mutt who looked right into my eyes.  She connected and so did I.  Although I did not think I could survive another heartbreak and against my logical thoughts, I brought her home. Here is the bizarre part. She came in the house and went right upstairs and found one of Sammy’s old toys in a closet I had left open. She took it out, brought it to me and dropped it at my feet.  Is it possible that this is Sammy? I’m afraid to love this dog now because it just brings up so many difficult memories but when I look at her I can’t bear to give her back. What do I do? – For the love of dogs


Dear For the Love of Dogs,

Wow what a great story. Your question has a lot of layers.

Sooooo sorry! I understand your pain and the guilt and self-doubt that accompany euthanasia—it is a difficult, heart-breaking but loving act. The love, the pure love – it’s like nothing else, and it doesn’t come without sacrifice! Committing to an animal companion requires accepting that our heart will be broken and we will make sacrifices in exchange for a spiritual and loving bond. We commit to their quality of life and to the quality of their death. So I am giving you a big hug right now. I hear you.

We are all connected…in many ways! I believe animals choose us, and somehow fate/destiny brings us together when the timing is perfect. Your new dog obviously has chosen you. It makes no logical sense but we know it intuitively and they know it and express it with surety. You were drawn to a “skinny, matted-haired mutt” – how interesting!  Perhaps this represents how you’re feeling emotionally—a little undernourished, discombobulated and unsure of yourself. Maybe you believe if you can breathe life back into her, she will return the favor. She will!

Is it a coincidence that you’ve not named your dog yet, or didn’t mention her name in your letter?  Afraid to commit and attach?  I believe so, and again, I understand!

Now for the really tough question—could this be Sammy reincarnated? Maybe. I’ve seen this before, even in one of my own dogs—there are strange specific behaviors he adopted like another earlier dog. It’s very, very cool that your new dog (see how I use the word ‘your’?) knew exactly where the old toy was. If it is true that you have your dog back in a new dog’s body, you will have your heart broken again.  If it’s not Sammy, you will still have your heart broken in return for getting love, affection, companionship and undying loyalty until she takes her last breath.

Your new dog is a gift. Animal companions keep our hearts open and every time we lose we live deeper each time. Sammy or a new soul? I can’t answer that for sure. But what I am sure of is don’t miss this one. Keep her for sure. Sounds like you don’t have a choice anyway. Wishing you many happy memories – of Sammy and your new loving companion.

Love always and forever,
Colette Baron-Reid

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