ASK COLETTE: “Can You Be Spiritual and Superficial?”

Here, Baby Boomer Intuitive coach Colette Baron-Reid on spirituality and plastic surgery.


Dear Colette,

I’m thinking about getting plastic surgery—a facelift and a breast reduction/lift. I’m 56 years young and I consider myself a spiritual person. I lecture and provide consulting about leadership for women in the business world. I help women stand in their own power and create success for themselves – not only around money, but around authenticity.  I want to present myself well and look my best. My girlfriend said it was not a spiritual (or authentic) thing to do. She believes I’m doing something unnatural and sending the wrong message—like I’m being a hypocrite. She said spiritual women don’t do plastic surgery. Why can’t I be both? – Living and Looking My Best Self


Dear Living and Looking My Best Self,

Hey, go for it! If you want to get plastic surgery do it. If you feel it’s a chance to improve your looks and how you feel about yourself, why not!? This has nothing to do with being spiritual or not.  Yes, it may be unnatural, but so what – it’s not immoral, and it’s YOUR choice. Not all plastic surgery decisions are made for the same reasons. It’s a personal choice, one that many women are doing, even women who serve others in very charitable ways.

As for your friend, who put her in charge of your life? You don’t have to answer to her, only yourself.  Speaking of answers, let’s start with these questions.

What are your motives for doing it? To look the age you feel? Okay. Don’t like yourself? Hmmm … nothing on the outside will change the core of your beliefs on the inside. Do you think you’ll make more money if you look younger? Again, what’s your motivation – money?

How do you see your life changing post-surgery? Will your personality change? Will you dress differently? You may not know the answers right now, but these could be the concerns your friend is having. She may be afraid you’ll change. That you’ll have more confidence. That she will be the “ugly” friend. That you’ll get a lot more attention. Fears and the potential to feel “less than” are strong motivators for judgmental opinions.

Are you letting your friend’s judgments enter your thoughts, or were they already rolling around in your head before she verbalized them? Let’s be honest, if you thought they were ridiculous, you wouldn’t have written to me. In some way you are questioning if changing something physical will affect your spirituality. Read that last sentence again. Will something you do to or for yourself physically affect your spirituality?

Make your own decision, from a place of confidence and based on your motives and values.

Now let’s fast forward to post-surgery … would you be willing to talk openly about it to your audiences? Would you hide the fact and brush off comments and mislead people who noticed? Albeit, it’s nobody’s business, but would you lie about it? Do you have any anxiety behind your choice?

Self-evaluate and understand your motives and expectations. Do the inner work to help you make your final decision.

I know plenty of spiritual women who freshen up a bit with plastic surgery – both major and minor touch ups. I have contemplated lifting the girls myself. If I decide to go ahead with it, I’m sure my spirituality wouldn’t disappear when the anesthesia wore off.

Everyone has an opinion. Tell your friend to keep hers to herself and make a healthy choice for the right reasons. This is your body … it’s your choice, and it’s personal.

Good luck with your decision. If you go through with it, I wish you a speedy recovery!

Love always and forever,
Colette Baron-Reid

The Invision Project
Founder, CEO

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