A Foil for Sensitive Teeth

Ambushed by an acidic tomato or a bite of ice cream, sensitive teeth retaliate with a whip of pain. A blast of cold air or a nice hot cup of coffee or tea can be equally torturous. Dentine – porous, calcified tissue that’s tougher than bone – forms the bulk of a tooth and is protected by enamel, the hardest substance in the body. But soft, thin or cracked enamel or receding gums allow temperature- or acid-related triggers into the dentine’s microscopic tubules, aggravating the tooth’s nerve.

Rather than cut out healthy salads or opt to keep your mouth shut all winter, try desensitizing toothpaste instead. Some effectively make dental nerves less reactive, but Sensodyne Repair & Protect sets out to build a strong, protective barrier so nerves aren’t stimulated at all. Used twice daily, its NovaMin technology releases calcium and phosphate ions that bind with the exposed dentine, blocking the tubules and forming a hard barrier.

Perhaps the best testimonial for the product comes from a blogger attending a media event where it was introduced. Amy Harrison’s teeth have incomplete enamel formation, making her teeth unusually reactive. She’s found sensitivity hasn’t been a problem since switching to the new toothpaste. “I had a lot of fruit and if anything was going to set it off, that would have,” she points out. And for the first time ever, her hygienist even said her teeth shone a bit.

Whitening stained teeth at home may kick tooth sensitivity up a notch for some people. Used daily, however, Crest 3D White Luxe Sensitivity Toothpaste aims to polish off surface stains laid down over time by beverages such as coffee and red wine as well as some foods and tobacco. It creates a shield to insulate sensitive teeth from pain. You can have your ice cream and dazzle onlookers, too.

Protect Against Sensitivity:
– Don’t brush hard or use a hard-bristle brush.
– Teeth-whitening chemicals can make teeth sensitive.
– Acidic foods and drinks soften enamel temporarily. Delay brushing and then use a soft toothbrush.
– Prevent or take care of gum disease by regular flossing and visits to the dentist.
-Seek treatment for bruxism (grinding teeth or clenching the jaw causes damage).  —JMac