Behind the Cover: Dr. Oz, June 2014

For the June issue, traditionally Zoomer‘s health and longevity special, the doctor is in the house: Dr. Mehmet Oz, to be exact. The popular practitioner has transitioned a medical profession into a television career that focuses on understandable medical advice for the masses that is admired and, perhaps more importantly, respected. If Dr. Oz says it, many believe it. He stands behind his approach to everyday health, as sleep, exercise and happiness are just a few of the criteria that make up his mission – and his own personal wellness regime. The 53-year-old still practises medicine and what he preaches – his newest goal, after all this career-building, is to spend more time with his family, a piece of advice we can all take.

But there’s more: we’ve asked Dr. Oz for his top 10 tips to healthier longevity, and he shares them with our readers. Love is on the list – as is sexual intimacy, thank you very much – and there are plenty of other easy-to-adopt ideas as well. Take, for example, his belief that our prime arrives midway through life: at 50, many of us are in top form space no comma and ready to take on the second half of our journey with an endurance only earned through the stages of being. Thanks, Doc, because that’s exactly the medicine that we at Zoomer strive to prescribe.