Weekly Inspiration from Colette: You Be You

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World-renowned Oracle and Intuitive Expert, Colette Baron-Reid, joins us weekly to share inspiration and guidance for the days ahead. This week’s advice: be yourself.

Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Be yourself, everyone else has already been taken.”

I’m writing from the Phoenix airport on my way back from the Divine Wisdom Retreat this weekend. It was an extraordinary experience for everyone and I am forever grateful and humbled that I get to do these kind of things. I was able to deliver a lot of messages to people in the audience and share some deep work so I am coming home soulfully satisfied.

Coming together with like-minded people is inspiring because there is a shared synergy, an energy that multiplies in ways almost too difficult to describe. It’s beautiful and safe and creative and transformational. It’s what I hope to create for you here online as well as in person.

Being part of doesn’t mean being exactly the same however.

Group-think mustn’t override your authenticity.

Be yourself.

Find who you are, and be that true expression of you. Your soul knows who the real you is.

I had a strong vision this morning sent from Spirit and so I’m compelled to write this to you now.

While you read these words know allow yourself to feel the power of Spirit surrounding you with love.

You are enough.
You are beautiful.
If you listen and know from your heart you will know miracles.
Your intellect coupled with your intuition led by your soul is miraculous.
You are an expression of the Divine and so there is no one else like you in the world.
Your presence is needed in the world.
Your service is needed.
You are no smaller nor greater than anyone else.
You are always protected and divinely directed.
You are loved.
Always and forever.
You belong.
Just UBU. ….. we all need you to be yourself.
For you are the miracle.

Love you truly special one !!






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