Weekly Inspiration from Colette: The Gift of Answering the Call

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World-renowned Oracle and Intuitive Expert, Colette Baron-Reid, joins us weekly to share inspiration and guidance for the days ahead. This week’s advice: the gift of answering the call.

I’m writing to you fresh from speaking at the Natural Life Expo in Massachusetts here in the US where I took the stage to deliver Messages from Spirit and teach a little in between. I’m still amazed at how this is all transpiring for me, given my former reticence to fully embrace spiritual mediumship as a natural progression of my service.

I remember vividly every time I heard the Call to this service, answered it, was suitably stunned, then hung up the celestial phone. Um No way.. too many weirdos, too many haters, too much responsibility, not enough proof, too many others doing this well, such strong tradition, not for me etc etc etc.

Call back later I’ve made other plans.

It was only since my motorcycle accident that I have heart and soul allowed this to be so public, no longer apologizing for “intruding” on this sacred ground with my unconventional delivery. No more “ I don’t really do this”, etc. Here’s the bottom line. As soon as I step on a stage, “dead people” talk to me and they have a whole lot to say and so bring it on. Those in the afterlife are pretty clear that I’m open for messages and for delivering healing for their loved ones still here.

Yes I had other less woo woo career plans and aspirations, but Spirit just laughed and so here I am.

My TV show Messages from Spirit (nightly at 11pm on Vision TV cross Canada and stay tuned everyone else you can see it in June) is all about this- spiritual mediumship as a catalyst for healing and transformation.

Surprise I talk to dead people.

And I am humbled and awestruck and stunned and filled with such gratitude.

I didn’t hang up this time.

But regardless of what this is, or, even what I’m doing or how others are being impacted at all, this story if about answering the Call – your call and stepping into the Unknown to discover who and what you are.

I wonder how you see yourself evolving in your life and if you’ve struggled in any way with fully accepting who you really are, what you’re really called to do, and how that will change you if you step into that authenticity.

I know for me fear was the rapacious creditor, the one force that exacted the price of my true Self.

When you make decisions motivated by fear nothing bright can shine. At best you will be creating a structure without a soul. You wonder why you’re not happy.

Maybe you heard the Call and just said no it’s too scary I am going to stay right here thank you very much and slammed the spirit phone down.

But once you hear the Call you can never un-hear it. You know? You will always sense there is something more, something deeper, something beckoning, something Unknown waiting. It changes you even if you say no to it.

I know the exact moment when I hung up was when I got a letter and a petition from a church suggesting that I seemed like a nice lady but did I know I was channeling Satan, followed by some threats online. I admit it. I was scared. I had so many other gifts it was easier to try to create something safer with those.

The most important lesson I have learned from all of this is to trust Spirit, to let go the need to please others, to refuse to care about what “they” think, either good or bad other people’s opinions of me are none of my business. Haters and trolls go after everyone and a bright light attracts a lot of bugs.

Do you know what I mean?

Have you ever said no to your Calling so others will like you?

Do you fear that you will be ostracized for being different?

Are you answering your call now?

If so tell us what it’s like so others can explore too.

Don’t hang up

Be fearless.

I will not dim my light for anyone ever again. Say this with me 3 times and click your heels.

Grace is bestowed on us when we answer the Call.

This weekend so many healings took place but the last reading of the afternoon slayed me.

I had decided I would pull oracle cards for a few people but when I saw this one man’s hand up I got a bit cross eyed,

I “ heard” suicide in my head, I “ saw” glass and metal surrounding him, a truck, a conversation and the names Robert/ Richard. I asked him if any of this made sense. He said it did- it was his name, and confirmed more. Instead of pulling a card I felt compelled to go to the man to hug him. The son kept saying go hug my Dad. The man told us all the day before he sat in his truck ( surrounded by glass and metal) talking to his son in Spirit saying the one thing he missed most was his bear hug.

Being a witness for this, playing even the smallest role in bringing them together in this moment was priceless. All I did was answer the Call. I didn’t let fear or ego win. What I got was touched by a Miracle.

Miracles will happen for you too when you say yes to the Call regardless that it may lead you into some weird and Unknown places.

Like I said last week. You Be You. Stand in your Truth, your Power, your Service whatever it will be.

Spirit will decide the form.

Spirit is calling. 
Your miracles are waiting.

Thank you for letting me share mine with you.

Love you always and forever.






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