Weekly Inspiration from Colette: Here’s to Kindness

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World-renowned Oracle and Intuitive Expert, Colette Baron-Reid, joins us weekly to share inspiration and guidance for the days ahead. This week’s advice: the importance of kindness.

A friend of mine posted a cute but deeply meaningful note on Facebook that began “Dear Mean People” suggesting we all take responsibility and commit to kindness over cruelty. I second that.

It’s what I love about my friends. They move quickly and nimbly past nasty comments from strangers through the gamut of “why don’t you like me” to “ wow that was abusive” to “did someone really say that?” to an existential perspective on why kindness and consciousness should be the measure of true prosperity. It’s what makes me love Facebook sometimes.

“Everyone needs a hug”
Yup I think that’s about right.

What is it about the internet now anyway?
Everyone with a computer has a voice and can have some kind of influence on others. I know I’ve brought this up before but it bears repeating.

It’s so easy now for bullies to hide in the cyber-bushes ready to pounce on anyone who appears to be doing better, seems to have more, or perhaps achieved a dream they wanted but never did anything for.

The underbelly of all this connection is the dark repressed disappointment of the wounded and afraid. Even they get to share and project their rage and jealousy, judgment and perceived failure on others.

Freedom of speech regardless of outcome.
Silencing is not the answer.

I’m personally tired of barbed comments from people who claim to know me who have never met me, or worse ones who have, who construct a negative story to support their perception that if I succeed it might take something away from them.

Do all bullies, haters and trolls have this in common? Do they all have this gaping god- shaped hole in them that causes them to be mean to others? Cut off from Spirit the world is closed, contracted, finite, and hopeless, mechanical at best seen through the eyes of the disappointed disenfranchised ego.

Here’s my view – no one is born hating. No one is born wounded, or evil or afraid or feeling less than.
We have to learn to be like that.
We have to learn to be disconnected from God.

My husband was trying to build something on our property that required a permit. He first had to go through the town planning council. Therefore a visit by a number of people from the town planning council to decide if this would be allowed or not was required. A whole party of 8 members showed up one morning to look at the project. One woman attended who was very nasty and negative and no matter what, refused to listen and shot down any ideas from the group. My husband in his wisdom just looked at her leaking negativity all over our backyard and refused to let this poison continue. She was obviously having a bad day. He looked at her and said “ you look like you need a hug” and went over and hugged her. Shocked and melted from that point on she became very helpful. That one act of compassion and kindness from my husband changed everything.

Everyone has the same capacity for love, for purpose, for peace, joy and the kind of prosperity where kindness is a currency and faith in a Higher Power is the bank. Everyone is born magical.

So perhaps that’s the answer.
Relentlessly remember who we are underneath our “woundology” as spiritual teacher Carolyn Myss calls it.
Relentlessly remove the victim stories that are like contagious viruses.
Smile, and smile a lot, smile at strangers even if they’re snooty, and do it without expectation.
Sometimes people are invested in feeling crappy and mean.

So here’s my formula for peace, purpose and prosperity:

Find God
Do no harm.
Work out your S##T.
Forgive, release, repeat.
Be kind to yourself.
Be kind and show compassion to others.

At the end of the day maybe haters just need a hug.
It’s never about you anyway.

I send bushels and baskets of hugs and smiles and unicorns with fairy dust and BIG Love to all –even the “dear mean people” who need it the most!

PS – As this is the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, as a gift of gratitude to all of my fans all over the world who can’t get to see my TV show yet, and those in Canada who go to bed early since the show is on late, I am gifting you with permission from the VisionTV network in Canada with an episode of my new hit show Messages From Spirit.
I hope you enjoy it and feel just a teeny bit of the magic and healing present in the room for all of us. I walked away from this with one important lesson.
Spirit is real. We don’t die. Love is only the Answer.






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