A Grandmother's Tribute To Women Worldwide

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I’m a 75-year-old grandmother and travel journalist who is mightily impressed with the strength and determination of the women I’ve met as I travel the world.

Each year, on International Women’s Day (IWD), I pay tribute to females everywhere by curating an Online Photo Exhibit that highlights women young and older, at work and at leisure, at home and away.

This year our contributors to the exhibit range from professionals who earn their living taking photos, to photography hobbyists, to those journalists who use photography to further illustrate their travel stories. Each offers offers a unique point of view. Each provides a glimpse into the life of a woman somewhere in this great big world.

Our IWD Online Photography Exhibit is made up of 36 photos and the back stories that surround these female encounters.

Click through for four wonderful ones that I think you will really enjoy. Happy International Women’s Day!

Bali, the legendary island of beauty and serenity, shares its Hindu faith with millions around the world, celebrating it in its uniquely elegant fashion. This young woman is enjoying a ritual bath at one of the country’s most beautiful temple complexes; surrounded by gilded statues, exotic blooms and fish ponds where centuries old koi contentedly swim

Photographer: Marilyn Lightstone

We spotted this weaver when we pulled over at the side of the road in Northern Thailand. She seemed shy as she spread out all her beautiful scarves and table linens. However, it was when she was at the loom, practicing her art for us that she relaxed and shared her happiness. Thailand – the land of smiles!

Photographer: Zoomer Travel Editor Vivian Vassos

Noelsa is the single mom of five who lives in one of the rural communities one hour from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She recently decided to complete grade eight and so she spends every Saturday at school. Her goal is to find a better job so she can provide a better life for her family and serve as an example for her children. She blew me away with her determination.

Photographer: Katja Wulfers 

I met these lovely children walking through a Himba village in northern Namibia. The girl in the foreground floored me with her poise and beauty; her pal in the background was full of silly faces, and together they were a bundle of giggles.

Photographer: Shara Johnson

Website: www.skjtravel.net

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