Seven Simple Ways to Pay It Forward

Recently, I accidentally cut someone off at a Tim Hortons’ drive-through. To make up for my wrong-doing, I paid for her coffee and breakfast sandwich. Her pumping fist quickly turned into a friendly wave. And I thought to myself, “What a wonderful way to turn someone’s day around! I should do things like this more often.” So here is my list of ways to brighten a stranger’s day and, in turn, yours, too! Because as cheesy as it sounds, it feels good to make others feel good.

Let someone cut you in line
Not on a timeline? This is the time to put someone before yourself, literally. If you’re at the grocery store and you see a busy mom juggling kids and her basket, let her go ahead of you in line. I know all of our time is crucial, but perhaps the extra five minutes means more to her on this particular day.

Give a stranger flowers
Get a small bouqet of flowers and give them to the first sad face you see pass by you on the street. Who wouldn’t love this pick-me-up?

Take a photo for a group of people
We’ve all been there! You’re at an event with a few friends, and your arms aren’t long enough to capture everyone in a selfie. When you see this, offer a hand. Just one simple photo will make their day!

Pay a compliment
When you’re at the cash register and you notice you really like the cashier’s necklace or hairstyle – tell them! Kind words should not be kept to ourselves. Who doesn’t love a compliment?

Write a good review
Have you been to a great restaurant or hotel lately and loved the service? Spread the word! Share a review on Yelp or the business’s Facebook page to help them grown their business.

Send a card in the mail
If you’re feeling extra appreciative of a friend or family member, then tell them, the old school way! Forget email and Facebook – get a nice card and hand-write them a note to drop in their mailbox. With so few things arriving in our mailboxes, they are bound to be surprised and touched by your sentiment.

Share your luck!
When buying your weekly lottery ticket – buy two! Share the dream of winning with a complete stranger.