Salah Bachir Says Thank You To Friends

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“He’s one of the most philanthropic people in the world,” declared Kate Alexander Daniels. “He’s dramatic and glamourous but the most humble guy.”

The man Daniels is gushing about is one of her friends, Salah Bachir, President of Cineplex Media. And indeed, the 60-year-old has a lengthy list of causes in Toronto that he generously supports. From the 519 Community Centre on Church Street to St. Joseph’s Hospital, CANFAR and co-chair of the Governor General Awards in Ottawa – just to name a few organizations that have benefited from his help.

Last week he was also honoured with the Order of Canada and this past weekend he led Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade as one of the Grand Marshalls.

But despite his financial means to help so many wide and various causes, the businessman and philanthropist  hasn’t forgotten that he couldn’t have done it without some help. So the ever-generous Bachir, last week, hosted a thank-you dinner party for 34 friends and acquaintances who have helped him over the years.

Held in a palatial penthouse on the 65th floor of the Suites at The Shangri-La, guests toasted the man with the warmest of spirits. And it was a perfect venue, with soaring views above Toronto, to toast a man so many think highly of.

For a look at some of the guests who attended the Salah Says Thank You dinner party, click through below.

David Daniels and his wife Kate Alexander Daniels.

David Mirvish and Salah Bachir.

Alejandra DeMiguel and Jeronimo DeMiguel

Anne O’Hagan.


Julia Ouelette.

Conor Bill and Victoria Jackman

Cathy Prowse and Nancy Lockhart.

Robert Mantella and Conrad Freeman.

Hussain Amarshi.

Rob Guenette and Daryn Sutherland.

The table settings for the Salah Says Thank You Dinner on the 65th floor of the Suites At The Shangri-La.

Soaring above downtown Toronto, the sun-dappled Suites At The Shangri-La is a perfect venue to entertain high octane guests.