Watch: Here’s How Anna Pesce, 85, Got Rid Of Her Hunchback

Photo courtesy of New York Post/YouTube

It’s never too late to get into yoga. Just ask 85-year-old Anna Pesce.

After decades of suffering from severe scoliosis and a hunchback, the New York resident has completely transformed her body and her life—and all within a two-month period.

Anna Pesce was wheelchair-bound by the time she was introduced to back care specialist and yoga therapist, Rachel Jesien.

“[At that point] I’d tried everything: acupuncture, a physical therapist and seeing a chiropractor,” she told the New York Post. “You feel good temporarily, but [I’d be] in pain again soon after.”

Now Jesien visits Pesce in her home once a week, and the two move through restorative poses and stretches together. After only one month, Pesce was able to walk again.

By her fourth month, the 85-year-old could do a modified headstand, with her back leaning against the wall.

Talk about inspiring!

Watch the New York Post video here.