Watch: This Amazing 105-Year-Old Woman Still Teaches Yoga

Photo: YouTube

This centenarian regularly teaches yoga classes at her local senior centre.

For 105-year-old Lil Hansen, age is just a number.

The Ludington, Michigan resident, who lives alone in her childhood home, teaches weekly yoga classes at the local senior centre. Her students usually consist of women in their 70s and 80s.

“I’m just a little more careful [during practice] than I was years ago, but I don’t feel ‘old,'” Hansen told the local news station WZZM 13. “I don’t think about it—I just keep going.”

Hansen, who celebrated her birthday on November 30, also serves as the president of her local bridge team and has a reputation for being almost unbeatable in card games.

Talk about inspiring!

Watch her teach yoga here.