Watch: This Grandpa’s Reaction To His Light-Up Shoes Will Brighten Your Day

Photo: YouTube

This Alberta grandfather—and his elated reaction to his new light-up sneakers—has charmed everyone on the Internet.

Talk about the perfect video to brighten your day and help fend off those winter blues.

Alberta resident Sarah Thorne wanted to surprise her dad, Ted, for his birthday with the only thing he’s truly wanted for the past eight years: his very own pair of light-up sneakers, which he’s long-admired ever since he first saw them on the feet of his grandchildren.

Thankfully, the shoes, put out by Evolved Footwear, comes in adult sizes.

The video, which has been viewed more than five million times, features 70-year-old Thorne sitting in a chair as his family eagerly watches him unwrap the orange Nike box. His reaction is priceless.

It really is about the simple joys in life.

Watch the full video here.