Watch: A Husband’s Heartfelt Tribute To His Late Wife

After Charles “La La” Evans lost his wife of nearly 60 years, he decided to pay tribute to her in the most extraordinary way.

When Charles “La La” Evans lost his wife, Louise, to a heart attack just before the couples 60th wedding anniversary, he decided to create a unique tribute to her.

Using thousands of pictures they’d taken throughout there life together, Evans created a museum in the backyard of their Mississippi home. The photos—each representing a specific treasured memory—wallpaper the walls, but one in particular carries a special significance. “This right here,” he says pointing at a photo above the door, “our last dance, I’ll never forget it.”

The following Friday after that dance, Louise passed away. Evans however, remains thankful for the time he shared with the woman he says he fell in love with at first sight. “We had such a beautiful life,” he says. “I’ve got so much to remember and I’m just living a beautiful memory.”

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