Watch: Yazidi Refugees Who Survived ISIS Celebrate Their Canadian Freedom

Over 40 Yazidi refugees who escaped ISIS celebrated their freedom with a special cruise through Toronto Harbour.

After surviving the horrors of ISIS in their homeland of Iraq, over 40 Yazidi refugees celebrated their new life in Canada with a freedom cruise through Toronto Harbour.

The organization responsible for their rescue, One Free World International partnered with ZoomerMedia and Mariposa Cruises for the event.

“You can see they are happy,” Rev. Majed El Shafie, President and Founder of One Free World International said of the attendees. “They’re feeling like they’re human once again.”

Among those celebrating their freedom was Hadar, a young boy who was kidnapped by ISIS and tortured when he refused to train as a child soldier.

“Thank god we’re here,” Hadar said. “We are happy and very comfortable and fortunate to have survived.”

Watch the full video here