Get More Crunch In Your Lunch: Almonds Have Less Calories Than We Thought!

Well, nuts to you. And I mean that in a good way. A small study to be published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in August reveals that a 28-grams (one-ounce) serving of whole raw almonds – about 23 nuts – has only 129 calories, a surprising 20 per cent less than previously thought. So go ahead, toss some in a stir-fry or salad or eat them right out of your hand as a healthy snack

Almonds do contain fat, but are low in heart-hostile saturated and trans fats. And the study showed that humans don’t digest and absorb all of the nut’s fat, which accounts for the new lower-caloric rating. We also benefit from other nutrients found in almonds, such as magnesium, Vitamin E, calcium and potassium, protein and fibre. Eating almonds and replacing saturated fats in your diet with the monounsaturated fats they contain may help lower your cholesterol levels, helping your ticker to keep on ticking.

And chewing on a handful of almonds, with their unique mild taste and their crunchy goodness offers pure satisfying pleasure when you feel you are running on empty.

—Jayne MacAulay