Anjelica’s Dance Workout: 3 Reasons To Take Up Belly Dancing

Over the years, belly dancing has increased in popularity with women over 50. Find out why this Middle Eastern dance form has picked up steam recently and be sure to catch Anjelica’s Dance Workout tonight OneTV: The GET FIT Channel!


Toronto-based flamenco and belly dance teacher Anjelica Scannura, 27, thinks the upswing in demand among women over 50 has a lot to do with the numerous health benefits involved.

“It’s low-impact, so it’s perfect for people who find zumba or other high cardiovascular activities a bit too hard on their body,” she says. “And you’ll only gets better at it as you age. It’s not like ballet where you hit a certain age and you’re done. My oldest student is 75.”

However, Scannura knows it can be intimidating to newcomers, especially those who worry it’s too sensual, or difficult, to take up at a later stage in life.

Here, she gives reasons why women may want to reconsider their stance and give belly dancing a try.

1. It’s great for the body
It can be difficult to choose the right fitness routine, especially as we get older. Scannura encourages people to try belly dancing because it’s a low-impact activity that improves balance, which ultimately decreases chances of falling and incurring bone fractures. “For example, a lot of people tend not to move their torsos very much,” she explains. “Belly dancing is a great, deep abdominal workout, but it’s not like doing crunches. It helps with flexibility and hip mobility, and it’s also great for the digestive system because of all the undulating.” And, for women going through menopause, it’s been proven to ease symptoms and act as a stress-reliever.

2. It improves self-esteem
It can be a bit daunting to try something outside our comfort zone, but Scannura sees it as the perfect way for women to rediscover their sensuality and embrace their bodies. “It will help you tap into that inner sensuality you may not have known existed,” she says. Those who have taken up belly dancing profess to a newfound confidence while enveloped in a friendly, supportive environment. And don’t forget about that incredible adrenaline rush!

3. The fun costumes
Yes, the outfits can be grand…and sometimes more than a little revealing. But Scannura insists you can wear whatever you want. “I know it can be intimidating,” she says. “I know a lot people think it’s bling! It’s cleavage! It’s tight clothing! But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be whatever you want it to be.” Students are encouraged to wear leggings, body stockings or sleeves if they’re not comfortable with the glitzy dresses.

Anjelica’s Dance Workout premieres across Canada on ONETV HD: The GET FIT Channel starting Monday, April 3, 2017. The show will air daily at 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. (EST). This 30-minute exercise show incorporate flamenco, belly dance, Brazilian, Irish and contemporary world dance into an easy-to-follow and fun cardio routine for all ages, shapes and sizes. 

Here, Anjelica Scannura demonstrates some simple moves at ideacity 16.