Audio banking machines offer a new choice

Seniors who can’t (or won’t ) use the popular automated banking machines now have a new choice that can save them some time waiting for a teller. The Royal Bank has launched Canada’s first Audio Banking Machine at its branch at, appropriately enough, 99 Bank Street in Ottawa.

The machine provides easy access for customers who are blind or partially sighted. Those who simply dislike pushing buttons can also do their banking at the new machines, which use an interactive voice system. Users simply state what they want to do, and the machine does the rest. The Audio Banking Machine will be installed in twelve selected locations throughout Canada by next spring.

According to the Royal Bank, there is a growing market for new forms of service delivery systems like the audio banking machines. Royal Bank worked directly with customers and consumer organizations on the design of the Audio Banking Machine.

An Audio Banking Machine orientation package will be provided to customers. It describes the machine’s capabilities, instructions for operating the machine and a personal headset for access to the “user friendly” voice system. Customers may order the package at no charge byalling 1-800 ROYAL 9-7 (1 800-769-2597).