Cool looks for hot flashes

For many women, the symptoms of menopause include hot flashes which, in turn, cause wet clothing – a problem that can be an embarrassment by day and a sleep slayer at night.

Feelings of fatigue, depression, and insomnia can seriously impact menopausal women’s quality of life.  And with HRT therapy coming under more criticism and scrutiny, women may find that they have little choice but to put up with their body’s changing temperature. The good news is feeling uncomfortable doesn’t have to extend to wet clothing. Canadian clothing designers have put modern fabrics together with great design to help keep cool.

When Ruth Adams experienced hot flashes, she knew there had to be a clothing solution. She and her partner Gloria Walder founded Menowear.  Produced in Vancouver, this line of clothing is available in sleep and daywear. Each piece is made of lightweight, breathable Polartec Power Dry fabric designed to pull wetness away from your skin, while the inside layer stays dry and soft. For information, go to or call toll-free 1-866-929-6366.

Another line grew out of the similar lemnas that athletes face in choosing clothing to help keep them cool – even in a marathon.  Fashion designer Jutta Smardenka and business woman and marathon runner Wendy McClung developed HotCool wear.

Not for women only
This Toronto-based company originally designed the line for menopausal women but has since expanded to include menswear. Fabrics are made of DuPont Cool Max, which wicks moisture away from the skin. Available in a range of colours, the line of sleep and daywear includes women’s lingerie, men’s boxers, t-shirts and even pillowcases. For information, go to or call 416-968-7252.