Easier injections

Diabetics and others who must inject drugs should investigate a new product that promises to make their lives safer and their injection routine easier and faster. Needle Aid is a brand new product that enables diabetics to self inject their insulin with optimum safety and convenience, and will be especially useful to those whose hands aren’t quite steady.

The unique system ensures that the needle will automatically be inserted at the required angle and depth, to avoid bending, breaking or other serious complications. It is of great benefit to the visually impaired, who may have difficulty positioning the very fine needle for insertion, and afterwards, for cleansing of the site. Those who suffer from tremors or reduced fine motor control can use Needle Aid to stabilize their insulin pen or syringe and safely administer the injection.

Needle Aid was launched last week after clinical trials, and it will be available soon through direct mail order to diabetic associations and health educators. It will also be sold through major drug store chains throughout Canada.