Eat, drink, and be merry!

If you had a lot of rich food over the past holiday weekend and accompanied it with some wine, rest easy. Any concerns you may have about the fat and cholesterol count could be allayed by the wine’s effect on your body, a phenomenon known as the “French Paradox”.

Despite what many tourists might think, the “French Paradox” does not describe how such civilized people can also be so rude, but rather the fact that France’s rate of heart disease doesn’t seem to account for the country’s rich food. Researchers have recently found that the key is in the wine. Moderate wine consumption is simply good for the heart.

But what about those who can’t or won’t drink wine? New supplements are now on the market that claim to provide the health benefits of moderate wine consumption, without the alcohol and extra calories. Biologically active flavonids concentrated inside the grape seeds may hold the answer to the French Paradox.

Studies show the grape seed flavonids contain some of the most powerful antioxidants yet discovered. They can also help reduce blood platelet stickiness, allowing blood to flow more smoothly through the vessels and maintaining proper cardiovascular health.

o of the many new flavonid products on the market are “Activin: and “Grapeheart” supplements. Visit your local health food store to find out more.