How to enjoy your life

You’ve heard of Desiderata—”go placidly amidst the haste…”? Here’s more inspiration for sane living, stated in everyday terms. These points are practical, down to earth and laced with common sense. They’re also do-able; no special training required. And they’re suited to any budget, only your time and commitment required.

Thoughts on how to enjoy your life….

  • Take 15 minutes of your day to experience nature.
  • Share kind thoughts with others
  • Balance work, family and recreation. All of these combines create your wholeness.
  • Make time for yourself to be alone, to spend time exploring the meaning of life and where you are going.
  • You need one full day each week from the responsibilities of everyday life to renew and re-energize.
  • People are different from each other, and we need the differences to make an effective world.
  • Be kind to yourself. Celebrate your life and your possibilities.
  • By helping others, you are helping yourself.
  • Reframe your perceptions. You can truly see a brighter world if you so choose.
  • As long as you have fe, you cannot love. Learn to let go of fear.
  • Experience the present moment. Do not allow the past to contaminate it.
  • Listen to music. Music enhances your mood and affects your learning. Indulge yourself in sound that has a positive effect on you.
  • Don’t look back with regret. Don’t look forward with fear. Look around you with awareness.
  • Find the funny side of life. Learn to laugh at yourself and with others.