Mediterranean diet could prevent second coronaries

The increasingly popular “Mediterranean” style diet, with copious amounts of fish, vegetables, fruit, beans, olive oil and wine, is exhibiting even greater health benefits. A recent study showed that the diet, which many people find the easiest of the “healthy” regimes to follow, could be helpful in preventing second heart attacks in some people.

A French study followed more than 400 people for almost four years, and found the “Med” diet offered cardiovascular benefits along with its cancer-preventing properties. Those following the diet were 50-70 per cent less likely to suffer second heart attacks.

Subjects were divided into two groups: those who followed the “Med” diet and another group which ate the typical high fact Western diet. All had suffered a heart attack, and had similar blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The French study is one of several which show that heart disease can be reduced through diet. Doctors continue to emphasize the importance of a diet that is low in saturated fats and rich in fruits, vegetables and fibers. So pass the pasta, uncork the olive oil, pour the wine, and toast your health!