New Alzheimer’s Centre established

As Alzheimer’s takes more and more victims with the growth in the elderly population, more research into the dreaded disease is being carried out. Last week, West Virginia University and the famed Johns Hopkins medical school announced that they will operate what they call the world’s only major research centre devoted to Alzheimer’s disease and other brain and memory disorders.

The $80 million Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute will be located at West Virginia University and house the some of the world’s top researchers in memory and cognition. Director Dr. Daniel Alkon and his colleagues have developed a new model of how Alzheimer’s causes molecular changes in brain cells at its earliest stages. Over time and with new developments, their work could lead to new ways to diagnose and treat the baffling disease.

In related news, scientists at Harvard Medical School have found what could be another clue to understanding what causes Alzheimer’s disease. Research suggests that if a patient’s brain cells produce an abnormal, stunted version of a specific protein, it can lead to the death of brain cells and play a role in causing Alzheimer’s. Observers sathat the work is preliminary but promising.