Ontario courts lighten financial load for parents

Providing for the special needs of children with disabilities can place a huge financial burden on families. And the process can be complicated by conflicting information generated by people who don’t appreciate their needs.

Anthony White, president of Aurora/York Insurance Agency Inc., based in Aurora, Ont., founder of the Secure Benefit Program, understands the problem well.

“Having gone through this process within my own family,” says White, “I quickly realized the disability was within the system itself.”

He set himself the task of developing a benefit program that would help him meet the future financial needs of his family. “When it became evident there was no benefit program in existence in Canada that filled this tremendous need, I set out to develop one that would make life easier for me and help other parents and families in the same situation,” he notes. Most trusts have unnecessary tax implications making it difficult to accumulate capital — and if not set up properly, any inheritance passed to dependents may interfere with, or even eliminate, access to benefits under provincial legislation.

“My goal,” says White, “waso develop a program that was easy, fast and affordable for almost any family without disrupting their accustomed lifestyle”.

The program he developed ensures a financially secure lifetime as well as the funding for assisting devices that the dependant cannot outlive.

Financial management of the program is provided by Empire Financial Group, founded in 1923 and one of Canada’s most secure financial institutions.

“There are no set-up fees or administrative costs and we provide free individual consultation”, says White. “Most people just really appreciate the simplicity of the program.”

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