Quit smoking with online program

You’ve tried the patch, the gum, hypnosis, acupuncture, and even cold turkey, but you’re still puffing. Not only are your children harassing you about your bad habit, you now have grandchildren who have taken up the cause.

If your life is a smoking hell, it may be time to try Tobacco School.

It’s not a place where you learn to smoke. According to the sponsors, the online Tobacco School is the “most comprehensive and effective tobacco addiction recovery program developed for smokers.”

The educational program for smoking addiction and prevention is based on a series of courses built on principles of addiction recovery. The  program was developed over a decade of research by Tobacco School founder, Murray Kelly.

“We approach the challenge of tobacco addiction from the smoker’s perspective,” says Kelly. “Our program takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery and incorporates emotional, mental and spiritual elements in addition to the physical. We teach smokers to understand their addiction and learn to live tobacco-free.”

Started in Ottawa
Tobacco School was founded in 1988 by Murray Kelly and Kendra Smith in Ottawa. . Hugh Lafave led a team of healthcare providers. They developed and tested over 200 therapeutic techniques to identify the best treatment programs for tobacco addiction.

The course structure for TobaccoSchool.com is based on a building-block learning process. It’s divided into four main stages of recovery:
1. Strategy
2. Planning
3. Action
4. Maintenance

Subscribers can choose their learning and support tools through a 90-day lesson plan. Each lesson takes 5 to 10 minutes to review and subscribers are encouraged to participate daily. Three days of non-participation, for example, will trigger a special e-mail message, offering support and encouragement.

Recovery process
The recovery process includes an individualized action plan. The strong support features include on-line counselling, interactive chat rooms, and bulletin boards.

Resource material is also available through additional readings and the sharing of recovery stories. Survival cards and inspirational messages are provided to subscribers for motivation.

Like tobacco, Tobacco School.com doesn’t come free. It is available by individual subscription for $90 per year (25 cents per day). There is also a rate for organizations, businesses, schools, and local government, based on members per year.