Site delivers health check-up

(NC)-Health Canada has launched what is arguably the most comprehensive, single source of health information in Canada.

The department has revamped its website,, which offers 50,000 pages of no-nonsense, plain language, easy-to-find facts and figures to help Canadians make more informed decisions about their health. The site is one of the department’s main channels for communicating health information.

Health Canada beefed up its website, in part, after polling showed nine out of 10 Canadians feel the Internet is an important source of health information and more than half of those who contact the department prefer to use the Internet for that communication.

The site is written by and for Canadians and covers hundreds of topics from diseases and conditions, to food and nutrition, to legislation and policy, all broken down by subject. And although one of the greatest features of the site is the easy-to-understand language at the top levels, the information does get more detailed or scientific the deeper the visitor goes, so the site really is for everyone from parents to PhDs.

Get involved
Canadians can also have their say about health issues through a new Public Involvement and Consultations section. The new section makes it easier for citizens to have input into, and influence on, decisions that are made about issues that affect their health. Health Canada has posted background information on breast implants and plans to consult Canadians on this issue in the near future.

The department has already conducted consultations on selective COX-2 non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and anyone who participated in those consultations on the old site can still keep track of the issue on the new site, making for a seamless transition.

Be sure to check out MedEffect, under the Drugs and Health Products subject. This new addition to the Web site connects you with the latest safety information, including advisories, warnings and recalls, about drugs and other health products. It also has forms for reporting to Health Canada any suspected adverse reactions to these products. The new Health Canada site can be found at

– News Canada