Step up to the bar

Looking for a quick, tasty meal replacement that’s really nutritious? GeniSoy protein bars may be just the ticket. With the introduction of chocolate mint and coffee mocha-flavoured bars, Genisoy now offers six bars (as well as three soy shake mixes). Each bar contains 14 grams of "high-quality, water-processed, isolated soy protein preserving the natural levels of soy isoflavones (genistein and daidzein)."

Genisoy bars are available across Canada through health food stores (about $2 each). The uncoated chocolate bar has neither fat nor dairy in it, "so it’s like a complete vegan bar," says Ed Cabelera, vice-president of marketing for Genisoy Products Co. in Fairfield, CA. "And none of our bars contains gluten. We have a gluten-free bar, a dairy-free bar, and a fat-free bar in our uncoated bar. We see that as a huge plus for people who are completely vegan, who have a real problem trying to get protein into their diet."

But anyone can derive health benefits from soy, Cabelera says. In addition to its reputed cancer- and heart-disease-fighting properties, "studies are coming in for cholesterol-lowering, for menopsal symptoms and gaining bone density."

The bars are a good source of energy "and very nutritionally sound," Cabelera says, "with 30 to 35 gm of carbohydrates, 14 gm of protein, only 3 gm of fat and about 210 to 230 calories, depending on the bar. That’s a decent meal or meal-replacement bar. A lot of people eat it on the go, like a lunch."