Stick with your program

Over time, eating routines can gradually change, leading to a halt to weight loss or numbers climbing back up the scale. A typical reaction by seasoned dieters is to simply lament that the food plan that once worked no longer does.

In fact, chances are that the original principles of the program have been slowly abandoned, leading to cravings and possibly overeating. Rather than declaring the demise of the weight-loss program, take inventory of the fundamentals of your strategy.

The best time to take stock of your eating habits is when there is a change in schedules or in season – for example, something as simple as a shift in the hours you work or as major a life change as retirement.

Another time to take stock is after a holiday, whether it’s festive celebrations at home or a trip away. But whenever healthy eating seems like a tough task, here’s a checklist to run through.

  • Are you eating selections from at least three out of the four food groups each morning?
  • At breakfast, are you including a small serving of a slowly digested protein-rich option, such as low-fat cheese, egg, fish, meat or poultry?


  • If lunches are late, do you fill the gap in the morning with a nutritious snack instead of going too long without eating?
  • Is your midday meal balanced?
  • Are you still eating your afternoon snack at a regular time?
  • Are you meeting your fruit and vegetable quotas?
  • Are you limiting weight loss to no more than a pound a week on average?