Best kept ‘sleep secrets’

Are you feeling sleep deprived? While a good night’s sleep, like proper diet
and exercise, is central to our overall health and well being, one-third of
Canadian women do not feel well rested in the morning, according to a recent
survey by the Better Sleep Council Canada. By comparison, only one-quarter of
Canadian men say the same.

"Many women today are juggling family and household obligations, trying
to keep fit and manage a career. It’s easy to think you can cut back on sleep
to fit everything in. But we found that nearly two-thirds of women are less
productive the next day if they have a poor night’s sleep," says Valerie
Stranix of the Better Sleep Council Canada. "Improving the length and quality
of sleep benefits you and your whole family."

Try these best kept sleep secrets:

Wind down before bedtime: Try to deal with worries and issues
hours before hitting the sheets. Take a warm bath or read a book before bedtime.

Avoid distractions: Turn off televisions, computers, cell
phones and pagers in the bedroom. Clear your bed surface of remote control,
work, food and drink, and pets.

Make your bedroom a haven for sleep and sex only: Sleep in
a cool, quiet and dark room for extra calmness and comfort, and ensure your
bed provides adequate space for you and your partner.

Exercise regularly: Complete your workout at least a few hours
before bedtime.

Avoid late night eating: Finish eating at least two to three
hours before your regular bedtime.

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