What Women Really Want…

We’ve got hockey, we’ve definitely got great beer, and if that weren’t enough to make you a proud Canadian, the survey is in and we’ve also got the sexiest women on the planet. It’s a proud day indeed. A recent survey on sex and the modern woman shows an emerging trend with women over 40, a trend that begged a label. These women are confident, they’re spontaneous, and they know what they want – in fact over 68% of Canadian women over 40 are considered VitalSexual.

This new survey puts Canadian women firmly on top in several arenas, including the importance of sex, the importance of sexual spontaneity (extremely), and the importance of their partner’s satisfaction.

1 out of 3 women said they consider sex to be a very important part of their lives. If you happen to be in a relationship with one of these vibrant women, 4 out of 5 said they considered sex to be vital to strengthening a relationship. 77% say seizing the moment is what really works for them. The only statistical match for these results is the Canadian Vital Sexual male. Both the Canadian Vital Sexual male and the Canadian Vital Sexual female think sex would be better if it happened on the fly more often. 90% feel that their partner’s satisfaction is important.

While it would seem that satisfaction and spontaneity rule the day for these women, there’s more to them than pleasing and being pleased. They’re also experienced, and that’s good news as well. How experienced? Let’s say they’re no strangers to disappointment, because at least 1 in 4 reports that their relationship has been impacted by erectile dysfunction, or ED, and 1 in 5 say its happened more than once. Of course, VitalSexual Women don’t take this issue lying down. As a matter of fact, they usually take a page out of Jerry Hall’s book. They know that there are causes, and options for treatment, and they are much more likely to have a conversation; especially if the conversation can lead to taking action.

What does she really want? Open communication so she can share a spontaneous and satisfying sex life with you. If you think ED could be affecting your sex life or your relationship – you owe it to yourself, and the sexiest woman on the planet to take charge. You can talk to her about it, or talk to your doctor about it, or even take this simple quiz to see if you’ve got it.