Until there’s a cure for arthritis…there’s CanEVA

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85% of participants of a three month free trial offer responded that their joint pain was reduced during the trial period. Some had relief as early as two weeks after starting on CanEVA. Harvested during the ‘velvet’ stage of growth, when the antler contains the most nutritional value, Elk Velvet Antler (“EVA”) is a safe, natural remedy that relieves joint pain and promotes bone, muscle and cartilage growth.

Arthritis, Osteoporosis & More
Worldwide scientific research has repeatedly demonstrated the benefit of EVA. The US FDA has accepted the claim that “Velvet Antler provides nutritional support for joint structure and function.” Scientific studies have shown EVA can restore the integrity of joints, prevent and repair damage to and breakdown of cartilage, reduce inflammation and pain and protect and maintain synovial membranes and fluids. EVA contains minerals and trace elements, growth hormones and growth factors, protein collagen, lipids and glycosaminoglycans including chondroitin and glucosamine, providing a multitude of benefits. In addition to being beneficial in arthritis and osteoporosis, EVA is known to boost the immune system, increase energy levels and blood circulation and assist in wound healing and recovery from injury. Modern science has also confirmed the ability of EVA to boost testosterone and estrogen, substantiating one of the traditional oriental uses of EVA. Many women find that it helps to reduce the symptoms of menopause and both men and women report an increase in libido.

Who Should Not Use Elk Velvet Antler?
The downside to the ability of EVA to boost testosterone and estrogen is that anyone suffering with a sex hormone dependent tumor (prostate in men and breast, ovarian or cervical in women) should not use EVA. While it is generally safe to take CanEVA™ with other medications, it is always recommended that your healthcare provider be made aware of your intention to start using CanEVA™.

The Tradition and Science of Elk Velvet Antler
Traditional oriental medicine considers EVA a ‘fortifying’ tonic and an integral component to one’s overall well-being. Now, based on modern research and an increased interest in natural remedies, EVA is becoming more widely used in North America to treat the symptoms of arthritis. The safety of this product is well established as a result of traditional usage and by recent clinical studies. Carefully designed for arthritis relief by nature, CanEVA is an all Canadian, all natural arthritis remedy. Made from 100% Elk Velvet Antler, CanEVA is a naturally occurring nutritional supplement that is known to provide relief of the symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis, all without side effects.

The Process of Harvesting EVA
During the harvesting process, the elk are not harmed in any way. The technique used was developed in New Zealand by farmers collaborating with veterinarians and the local humane society. The result is a rapid, drug free technique providing a quick analgesic effect, performed quickly to reduce stress on the animal.

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