The Zoomer Report: Mediterranean Diet Still the One

Picture taking a whole-grain piece of bread, and dipping it in olive oil with a bit of feta cheese and some tomato. Sounds delicious. Well, that’s what southern Italians and Greeks are eating, and yet another study is showing that this diet is good for the heart.

The study, from McMaster University, examined almost 60 years’ worth of existing research on diet and heart disease.

The list of foods that protect the heart has few surprises — whole grains and vegetables are good, processed meats are bad — and researchers found little evidence to support the claims of some highly touted diets and supplements.

Take Omega-3 fatty acids, for instance. Those coming from fish seem to be heart-protective, while those from plant sources like walnuts and flaxseed have little supportive research.

And while there is moderate evidence that eating vitamins E and C in fruits or vegetables has some protective properties for the heart, there is almost none to suggest they are beneficial in pill form.

Researchers conclude the supplements have not panned out, they don’t lower heart disease risk and in some cases have been associated with a higher cancer risk.

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