Do you see properly through your lenses?

We have all gone through the trials tribulations associated with the loss of focus and learning how to adapt. 90% of Zoomers wear glasses for reading.

Vision is a gift and should never be taken for granted. However, there is a common misconception that if a person sees well, then their eyes must be healthy. In reality, many sight threatening eye diseases have no early warning symptoms. Optometrists can detect eye disease in the absence of symptoms and can determine risk factors for future eye disease. Early intervention through regular eye exams is the best way to maintain healthy eyes and good vision. Many general health conditions first appear as signs within the eye and therefore can be detected within the course of a routine eye exam.

Presbyopia is the eye’s natural loss of focusing ability with age. It results in difficulty reading and often appears in a person’s forties. It also can lead to headaches and having to hold reading materials at a further than normal reading distance. Corrective lenses will accommodate for the loss of focus. Many people wear reading glasses that helps them read but short changes their intermediate vision. Have you ever noticed while playing cards that your hand is clear then looked up at the person across the table and seen how blurry they looked? Do you notice the image jump from your near focus to the distance? Reading glasses help you focus in a range from 12 to 18 inches beyond this range your vision will not focused. Worst of all you never seem to have your reading glasses when you need them. Progressive lenses provide all points of vision. You can see close, far and everything in between with no image jump from near too far. Best of all you can always wear your glasses so you are not constantly looking for your reading glasses all the time.

Progressive lenses have provided the most natural vision within the limitations of the technology of the time.

HD Lenses achieve never before possible clarity . HD lenses offer you maximized visual acuity at all distances, wider intermediate and near zone so you can read better. Your vision is more natural with smooth transition as you look through your lenses. No more image jump or visual “swim or sway”.

To enhance your visual acuity our lenses come with a superior anti-reflection coating that is easy to clean. Now you can see better and be seen clearly without people seeing light reflections on your glasses, people will now see your eyes clearly.

To sum up our lens option comparison readers are good for a quick fix. Your field of vision is restricted to a reading length with a distinct image jump from seeing clearly to magnifying when using your glasses, anything beyond that is blurred.

Conventional progressive lenses are good as they are manufactured to your prescription; they allow you to see near and far without image jump. You have to point your nose at what you are looking at to read clearly.

HD lenses are ground and polished with a precision lathe that eliminates most of the surface marks when the lens is ground. The lens is then finely polished removing the surface marks. The lens is custom made with the latest software to enable you to see more clearly. High Definition lenses reduce distortion by up to 20% and will increase your field of vision by up to 30% compared to conventional progressives.

HD lenses offer you the complete visual package to help re-create your natural vision experience and the ultimate in patient satisfaction. The lens is available in a large selection of materials providing thinner lighter lenses for those with heavier prescriptions, or lenses that turn darker when outdoors or polarized lenses for sunglasses.

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