Your First Defense Against Disease

Our immune system is our defence network against foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. This network is comprised of millions of cells, tissues and organs, such as the skin, the respiratory system (nose, tonsils, sinuses and lungs) and digestive tract. This complex system works hard every day to protect us against infection and even cancer. 

Top 5 reasons your immune system is important:

Occur when a part of the immune system is not present or is not working properly. Sometimes a person is born with an immunodeficiency — these are called primary immunodeficiencies. Immunodeficiencies can also be acquired through infection or produced by drugs. These are sometimes called secondary immunodeficiencies.

Acquired immunodeficiencies

Usually develop after a person has a disease, although they can also be the result of malnutrition, burns, or other medical problems. Certain medicines also can cause problems with the functioning of the immune system.

The immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s healthy organs and tissues as though they were foreign invaders. Some autoimmune diseases include: multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, pernicious anemia.

If you are concerned about your immune health, you may want to consider taking a daily natural supplement to strengthen your immune system. The makers of COLD-FX, recently launched one such supplement called IMMUNITY-FX. It combines two clinically studied active ingredients from American ginseng and Reishi Mushroom, for duo immune support.

Photo © Robert Szajkowski