Keep things clear with Low Vision Aids

As we age, our eyes are often the first things to give us trouble. “Aging Vision” as some call it, is actually Presbyopia, which means the lens of the eye loses flexibility and the muscles that help the eye focus start to get tighter. This is a very common condition in adults, generally starting at the age of 40. This inflexibility in our eyes can make it difficult to do some of the simplest or most enjoyable tasks like, reading before bed or ordering off the menu from your favourite restaurant.

As we age, there is also the possibility of developing cataracts. A cataract is a clouding that tends to appear on the lens of the eye, eventually leading to loss in vision. Cataracts can happen at just about any age and vary in size; however they are most commonly associated with people over the age of 60. Glasses, various types of contact lenses and laser surgery are all good options depending on your needs but taking better care of our eyes, where possible, make for a good first step. Low Vision Aids around the home will not only keep you from squinting, but also make life more comfortable!

Below is a small selection of what is out there to help aid the battle against fading vision.

magnifierDesktop Magnifier – This inexpensive magnifier is perfect for reading newspapers, magazines, books or any small print. A popular and handy tool to have around the home or office that can easily take strain off your eyes. Viewing pictures in close detail also makes this magnifier popular as it has 3.5X power and features 2 separate lenses.

lampMagnifying Lamps – Whether its a table top or a floor standing magnifying lamp, this is a popular choice for just about anyone. These lamps are great for craft work, sewing and of course reading. Clamp to a table, sit next to your couch or stand next to your bed, the options are there. These also come in handy when looking at skin, cutting nails or doing anything that requires a little more attention to detail. When not being used for seeing clearer, these lamps provide ample light.

bottle magnifierLED Medicine Bottle Magnifier – This handy little magnifier makes reading pill bottles easy and accurate. If you take multiple medications, it can be easy to get them confused. This LED Magnifier provides 3X magnification of prescription labels and small print is illuminated by two ultra bright LED’s.

Full Page Magnifier

full page magnifierThis is one of the handiest and most inexpensive aids to have around the home office and car. Magnify an entire page at one time, which makes it very handy for reading newspapers, maps, magazines, looking up numbers in a phone book and perfect to take your favourite restaurant.

Like the rest of your body, your eyes can deteriorate as you get older. Taking small steps to make life easier and more comfortable will add to your day and to those around you.

“People only see what they are prepared to see.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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