Fun ways to exercise at home

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of workout videos on the market that are effective. There are, however, a select few that are actually fun to do in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Dance around your living room while burning excess calories with these fun exercise videos.

Yoga Booty Ballet

The name alone is fun to say. With this video, you get three workouts in one. With this combination of yoga, body sculpting and dancing, you will feel great and see results after just a few weeks.

Yoga – This classic exercise program combines yoga moves with a modern twist, all while sculpting and shaping your body. Try the basic or advanced video.

Cardio Cabaret – A sassy way to burn calories. Dance along with instructors with this easy-to-follow video while having a great time and feeling sexy. The best part is that because you’re doing it in your own home who cares if all the moves are perfect.

Hip Hop Abs – This video is a little more difficult than the first, but just as effective. Learn cool new dance moves while tightening and toning your stomach.

There are other Yoga Booty Ballet videos that can be purchased separately.

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Hip Hop Abs

Brought to you by ‘beach body’, the same people that brought you Yoga Booty Ballet, this high-energy ab workout targets all parts of your stomach without making you to do a single sit up. Follow Shaun T and his ’tilt, tuck and tighten’ technique,’ which can help to burn the excess weight as you dance your way to a healthier you.

Secrets to Flat Abs – This step-by-step guide will take you through all of the moves in order to ensure you will not be left behind during the work out.

Fat Burning Cardio – Great music, high energy and fun are what this video is made of. This video says it will help you to burn calories and shed the pounds while dancing along with the instructors.

Ab Sculpt – This work-out focuses directly on shaping and sculpting your abs without the cardio work-out.

Total Body Burn – This ‘head-to-toe’ workout is a combination of cardio and total body sculpting with an emphasis on, you guessed it, your abs.

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Dance off the Inches – Sizzling Salsa

Learn fun salsa dance moves while burning calories. With 10 easy dance steps, you will be able to follow along through the different routines. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran, this video is for anyone who is looking to have fun and workout at the same time!

Instructor Stella Sandoval will take you through various routines such as ‘Spicy Salsa Mix, the Latin Twist and Mucho Mambo Combo.’

Let your hair down and watch the calories melt away.

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For more the more advanced exerciser with some familiarity with Pilates and yoga. It is the perfect blend of the two, offering viewers over 300 different exercises that flow into one another beautifully. Your flexibility and strength increases as you work through the video and strengthen your core.

Hatha yoga and Pilates instructor Jonathan Urla created this fusion while studying vinyasa yoga as an advanced teacher trainer with Shiva Rea.

This video will challenge, but relax you and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

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Photo © Trista Weibell

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